Best shampoo for husky: Keep them looking their glorious best

by Kevin Stard | Last Updated: 19.01.2021

If you have a fluffy Husky, you know all too well how tough their coats can be to handle. While your Husky can do some of the daily maintenance himself, his coat requires constant brushing — and your carpet constant vacuuming!

To properly care for a Siberian Husky’s coat, it’s important to be disciplined and have the right grooming tools for Huskies. That includes several types of brushes, used on a regular basis, and a good, appropriate shampoo for your dog’s skin and coat type.

But what’s the best shampoo for Husky dogs?

In this article, we’ll discuss the proper way to bathe your Husky and review some of the Best shampoo for husky options available to help you make the right choice to keep your pup healthy and looking great.

How often should I bathe my Siberian Husky?

A word on Husky coats

If you own a Husky, or you’re considering getting one, you’re probably very well aware that Huskies have thick coats that certainly know how to shed. Your Husky will shed at least twice a year in significant quantities as he sheds his seasonal quote. His shedding rate and quantity, however, can differ, depending on the climate you live in.

Contrary to popular association of Huskies with colder climates, the breed can actually do well in both cold or warm climates thanks to their double coat, designed to help them weather a variety of climates — literally!

Huskies are uniquely equipped to survive outside in cold weather due to the design of their coat and the protection that it provides. Huskies have two layers of coats that provide them with protection. These include:

These layers of coat help protect your pup’s skin and coat from dirt, debris, and other hazards, such as UV rays from the sun, and it’s important to care for your Husky’s coat well to keep him safe and protect, as well as to keep your house free of the smell of a stinky dog.

Do I need to bathe my Husky?

Huskies are actually one of the easier dog breeds to keep clean, as they actually take a very proactive approach to constantly grooming and cleaning their own coats. While their coats may not be self-cleaning like a Great Pyrenees, the dogs themselves go to great efforts to keep themselves clean.

As a result, Huskies may need to be bathed less frequently than other breeds. That said, however, it is still important to give your Husky a bath from time to time.

It is recommended that you only bathe your Siberian Husky every six months, or up to three times a year, unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as your dog becomes incredibly dirty, smelly, or injured. That said, you should always discuss your dog’s bathing options with your vet and a professional groomer to ensure you are doing the right thing by your dog.

Because Huskies bathe themselves quite well, it can actually damager their skin and coat if you bathe them too frequently, as this strips their coats of the necessary oils they need to protect their hair and skin. This can lead to dry skin, causing irritation, or can even impact the ability your dog’s coat has to protect him from the elements, such as moisture, heat, and cold.

If your dog has a problem with smelling, or he plays in the dirt often, it’s possible to just give your Husky a quick rinse with water only, rather than using shampoo on your dog every time he becomes dirty.

How to give your Husky a bath

While Huskies may seem to have thicker coats than other breeds of dogs, particularly short-haired dogs, the process of bathing them is essentially the same, even if it may take more time to complete.

Before you begin bathing your dog, be sure you have all of the proper supplies available ahead of time.

You’ll need:

If you’re bathing your dog outside, be sure it’s during the warm weather months so he doesn’t get chilled.

It is recommended that you spend some time brushing your Husky out before you bathe him, as this will make the bathing process easier on both you and the drain, and it can also help remove some dirt and bacteria ahead of the shampoo.

It’s important to use a good shampoo and conditioner for Siberian Husky pups when bathing your fluffy pup. We’ll review several good options below.

After you’ve gathered your supplies and brushed through your dog’s coat, it’s time to begin his bath. Start by rinsing him thoroughly with lukewarm water, taking care to get every part of his coat wet, including the undercoat and the under part of his tail.

Be careful not to get water in your dogs, ears, however, so take extra care in that area.

After your pup has been thoroughly rinsed, it’s time to apply your chosen shampoo. Place a quarter sized squirt of the shampoo into your palm and begin massaging it into your dog’s coat, lathering it thoroughly. If you need to add more shampoo, do so in small amounts, taking care not to add too much.

If you’re using a whitening shampoo, the manufacturer will probably recommend that you do a pre-shampoo with a non-brightening dog shampoo first to clean and disinfect your dog. After that, you can apply the whitening shampoo. Be careful, though, as whitening shampoos tend to be highly concentrated and you will not need to apply as much as you did of the regular dog shampoo.

After you lather your pup up, it’s time for the rinse. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, reaching your dog’s underneath and deep into his coat. Leaving shampoo in your dog’s hair can dry out his hair and his skin, causing him to experience painful itching and leaving his coat looking dull. It can also collect dirt quickly, so it’s important to rinse it all out.

If you’re using a conditioner for your Husky, follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to when to apply that to your dog’s coat.

You should never use human shampoo on your Husky. Always use a dog shampoo.

If you’re bathing a Husky puppy, be sure to talk with your vet about the best way to wash your pup and how frequently to do so, as their skin and coat may be more sensitive.

This adorable Siberian Husky puppy first bath experience is too cute to miss!

Additional Husky grooming tools you’ll need

Before bathing your Husky, you should always brush your dog. This will help remove a lot of excess hair, reducing the amount of work you have to do during the bath — and saving your drain from having to suck down even more hair!

To do this, you should invest in a good brush for your Husky, such as a de-shedding tool, which may be appropriate from time to time, and a slicker brush. You may need to keep a number of different types of brushes on hand to care for your Husky’s coat. It’s also good if you’re able to brush your dog outside, as otherwise the hair will come out in clumps and float around your house.

You do not need to shave your Husky (and, in fact, you shouldn’t!), as your dog will shed his coat naturally, depending on the temperature and conditions where you live. Huskies typically shed their coats twice a year, though those living in warmer climates may shed year-round.

What to look for in a Siberian Husky shampoo

There are a number of things you may want to look for in a shampoo for Huskies, depending on the unique needs of your pup. Huskies can experience a number of skin and coat problems, and there are a variety of shampoos designed to treat each of these conditions.

When washing your Husky, you should always use a dog shampoo formula, and never use human shampoo on your dog.

A few things you may find useful to consider when buying a shampoo for your Siberian Husky include:

Talk to your vet about what to look for in the best Husky shampoo for your dog before selecting a product to use. We’ve also include a few options for you to consider below, but you should always talk to your vet before using a new product on your pup.

Best shampoo for Siberian Husky: Reviews

If you’re looking for the best shampoo for Husky puppies and adults, it’s important to take your time to investigate and explore your options to choose the best product for your pup. Below, we review a few options you may find useful for your Siberian Husky.

Healthy Breeds Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Aloe for Siberian Husky

Healthy Breeds Siberian Husky Oatmeal Shampoo with Aloe 16 oz
  • Provides relief for itchy, scaling and sensitive skin with the mild oatmeal and aloe formula! A gentle shampoo is more suitable for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies!
  • Hypoallergenic formula is safe for use with topical flea control treatments! Keep your dog fresh and clean with the delicious Pina Colada scent!

Healthy Breeds dog shampoos come in a variety of formulas for a number of different dog breeds, and there are several Siberian Husky formulas available, including an oatmeal formula, a whitening formula, and a deodorizing formula.

This oatmeal and aloe formula is great for dogs who have sensitive skin, or who suffer from dry, flaky, irritated skin. It moisturizes their skin and coat, while also providing soothing relief to their skin irritation.

This formula is also great, as it does not strip your Husky’s coat of its natural oils, which help to protect your dog against dirt and bacteria and help him weather the elements. If your dog experiences skin allergies, it can be particularly useful, not just for its soothing properties, but also for its lack of added chemicals.

It even has an appealing Pina-Colada tropical smell, leaving your Husky looking clean and fluffy, while smelling fresh!



Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo by Fieldworks Supply Company

Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo – Promotes Healthy Hair, Coat and Skin. Helps Hot Spots, Dry Itchy Skin. Pet Odor Eliminator – Grooming Shampoo. Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Clay
  • WHY WASH YOUR 4 LEGGED LOVE ONE IN A BUCKET OF CHEMICALS? When we say Natural and Organic – We mean 100% Natural and Organic! No sulfates. No preservatives. No chemicals. and easy to rinse. ALWAYS CRUELTY FREE
  • ITCHY SKIN or HOT SPOTS? We are the only dog shampoo with Bentonite Clay. This clay has been known for centuries for natural healing abilities. It leaves your dogs fur squeaky clean and calm, soothed skin.

If you’re looking to protect your dog from harmful chemicals that could make him sick or cause him allergic reaction, then this all-natural, organic formula from Fieldworks Supply Company may be the solution you’re looking for.

This hypoallergenic formula is made with Bentonite clay, and its natural healing properties allow it to combat bacteria and fungus on your dog’s hair and skin, making it a good formula if your dog suffers from skin irritation or hot spots. The clay pulls bacteria and toxins away from your dog’s skin and hair, allowing you to rinse it away.

The formula also includes Neem and Argan oil, which also have a healing anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties, which not only helps to heal broken skin, but also to moisturize it and protect it in the future. If your dog suffers from skin yeast infection, this shampoo could be an option to consider. Added shea butter and aloe vera further moisturize and soothe irritated skin. It even includes rosemary as an ingredient, which can aid in your dog’s circulation.

Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions on label carefully.



Magic Coat Reduces Shedding Shampoo

Four Paws Magic Coat De- Shedding Dog Shampoo, 16 oz
  • Shed shampoo for dogs is formulated with Omega-3 fatty acids to strengthen hair and help prevent breakage
  • Dog shampoo is paraben-free

If you’re looking to lessen them impact of your Husky’s excessive shedding, this shampoo formula may be a good option for you and your pup. While it’s still important for your Husky to shed his coat twice a year, it’s all that consistent, if less dense, shedding that happens in between that can be truly overwhelming for Husky owners looking to keep a clean house. As a result, a shed-reducing shampoo may be an acceptable option.

This formula includes Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce excessive shedding in dogs. It also has a pleasant scent. So if you’re looking to limit your dog’s shedding a bit, then trying this shampoo could be an option. It won’t eliminate shedding, especially since shedding is important for your dog, but it can help scale the volume of your dog’s shedding a bit so that it is a little more manageable.



Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Burt's Bees for Dogs Oatmeal Dog Shampoo | With Colloidal Oat Flour & Honey | Moisturizing & Nourishing, Cruelty Free, Sulfate & Paraben Free, pH Balanced for Dogs - Made in USA, 16 Oz
  • SOOTHES AND SOFTENS — Burt's Bees Oatmeal Shampoo cleans, soothes, softens, and conditions your dog's dry skin and coat
  • MADE WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS — This gentle formula includes ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, honey, and beeswax for sensitive skin

Burt’s Bees products are well-known for their ability to moisturize and soothe damaged or dry skin, and this Oatmeal Dog Shampoo formula is no exception.

If your dog is experiencing a dull, dry coat, or itchy, flaky, inflamed skin, this soothing oatmeal formula will help dull his pain and moisturize both his skin and coat, restoring your dog’s coat to its natural vibrance.

With nearly all natural ingredients, this formula also helps treat your dog’s irritated dry skin without exposing your dog to additional harmful chemicals that could irritate his skin even further. If your dog has a tendency to experience skin irritation or allergies, then this may be a good option.



Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo — Oatmeal & Aloe

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo, Vanilla & Almond, 16oz – Dog Shampoo for Allergies & Itching, Dry Skin – Made in USA (Pack of 2)
  • HELPS RELIEVE ITCHING & DRY SKIN: Specially formulated to address the needs of pets with dry, itchy skin. Colloidal oatmeal and organic aloe vera help combat skin irritation, promote healing, and re-moisturize sensitive, dry skin. This concentrated shampoo is soap free and pH-balanced to clean and deodorize safely and thoroughly, leaving your pet's coat soft, plush, and smelling better than ever.
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Blended with the finest ingredients, such as renewable plant-derived & coconut-based cleansers, colloidal oatmeal, and organic aloe vera. NO PARABENS, NO DYES, NO SOAP, NO SULFATES, NO PHTHALATES, NO ALCOHOL.

If you’re looking for a soap-free dog shampoo that helps to soothe and heal damaged skin on your Husky, this formula from Earthbath could make another good option for your pup.

While the formula uses a combination of oatmeal and aloe vera to moisturize, soothe, and begin to heal damaged skin or problem areas, just as other formulas included above, this formula also includes vanilla and almond oils, which leave your dog smelling lovely, in addition to refreshed.