Best puppy food for husky

by Kevin Stard | Last Updated: 19.01.2021

Are you the new owner of a Siberian husky puppy? Are you wondering what is the best food for husky dogs? Many people wonder what is the best dog food for huskies, but the answer depends significantly on the dog’s age.

The best puppy food for Siberian husky dogs may be completely different from the best dog food for adult husky dogs. The other significant factor in this question is whether you want a food with grain or a grain-free variety.

With thick, beautiful coats, huskies are a fantastic sight to see. This breed of dog is extremely friendly as well as high energy. Socialization and training are critical factors in a happy husky pup. However, it is also incredibly vital to have a proper diet for your puppy.

The best way to ensure a proper diet is with high-quality puppy food and high-quality adult food when the time is right. The correct diet will provide your pup with all of the nutrients needed for optimal health.

In this article, we will discuss the best puppy food for husky dogs as well as answer some of the most frequently asked questions about husky puppies. By the end, you will be able to make an informed decision about your puppy’s diet.

Top 5 Puppy Food Reviews

Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dry Puppy Food, Chicken & Rice Formula - 34 lb. Bag (Packaging May Vary)
  • One (1) 34 lb. Bag - Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dry Puppy Food, Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Made with high-quality protein, including real chicken as the first ingredient

If you are looking for the best puppy food for husky dogs, Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy food is an excellent place to start. This food is on the list of the best husky puppy food because of its nutrient design for large breeds.

These nutrients include a 28% min for protein, 13% min for fat, 4.75% max for fiber, and 12% max for moisture. This recipe is an appropriate choice for a puppy under two years old and will weigh more than 50 pounds when he or she reaches adulthood.

The only concerning ingredient on the list is pea fiber. It was mentioned by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) as a potential issue to large breed dogs. However, it is the only ingredient mentioned by the FDA and is number eight on the list of ingredients.



Hill’s Science Diet Dry Puppy Food

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breeds, Chicken Meal and Oats Recipe, 30 lb. Bag
  • A large breed puppy food specially made with an optimal level of calcium for controlled bone growth
  • Uses a balanced set of minerals to promote strong bones and teeth in large puppies. Caloric content: 3970 kcal/kilogram(394 kcal/cup)

When investigating Hill’s Science food ingredients, you will quickly realize that most of the protein comes from animal-based sources. This fact means this food has all of the necessary amino acids your dog will need.

The first item on the ingredient list is chicken meal, which is an excellent animal protein. However, some puppies can be allergic to chicken. If you notice your puppy having issues with chicken, you may want to avoid this food until they are several months old.

The next ingredient in this best puppy food for husky dogs is cracked pearled barley. Barley is a fabulous grain for regulating blood sugar in husky dogs. It contains around 90% carbohydrates with seven percent protein.

The next two ingredients in this husky food are pork meal and whole-grain wheat. The pork meal contains about 81 percent protein and is a source of Vitamin C. Overall, this food has over 30% protein with over 19% fat making it a suitable choice for active and healthy husky dogs.



Royal Canin Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food, 30 Pounds
  • Royal Canin Medium Puppy dry dog food is tailor-made for puppies up to 1 year old with an expected adult weight of 23-55 poundss
  • Meets the high energy needs of medium-sized puppies with key nutrients needed during their short growth period

Royal Canin husky food is on the list of the best puppy food for husky dogs because of its well-balanced amounts of carbs, fat, and protein. An ideal diet for a husky contains recipes high in protein and fat while being moderate to low in carbs.

When looking at the ingredients, you can evaluate nutrients on the label. For Royal Canin husky food, the label indicates 33% min for protein, 20% min for fat, and 10% moisture. These numbers support this food as being the best husky puppy food.

The first ingredient is chicken by-product meal. A by-product can be made by various parts of animals, including the liver, lung, and brain. The details of which parts are used are not disclosed, making it hard to compare this product’s nutrients with other products on the list.



Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Puppy Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food
  • PACKED WITH REAL BEEF: A recipe inspired by the Rocky Mountains, this high protein puppy dog food features a blend of red meat to satisfy your puppy’s wild side while helping build lean muscle mass
  • HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: BLUE Wilderness puppy food is made with the ingredients to help promote your puppy’s healthy development including DHA and ARA, important fatty acids found in mother's milk, to help support cognitive development and retinal health

As the best puppy food for husky dogs, this Blue Buffalo puppy food is packed with a fair amount of protein and fat. However, it is also high in carbs, which lowers the fat content. This lowering makes it slightly less nutritionally balanced when compared to others on the list.

This best husky puppy food contains a min. of 30% protein, min. of 15% fat, and max of 6% fiber. The first ingredient is deboned beef, which provides a variety of nutrients. These nutrients include protein, zinc, iron, and B vitamins. Deboned beef means the bones have been removed before the meat was added to the food.

The second ingredient is chicken meal, which implies the water has been removed. This type of animal protein has about four times the protein as regular meat proteins do. Peas are the third ingredient on the label, providing an excellent source of carbs, protein, and fiber.



Merrick Puppy Grain-Free Dry Dog

Merrick Grain Free Dry Puppy Food Real Beef & Sweet Potato Recipe - 22 lb. Bag
  • One (1) 22 lb Bag - Merrick Grain Free Dry Puppy Food Real Beef & Sweet Potato Recipe, Merrick Grain Free Dry Puppy Food Real Beef & Sweet Potato Recipe,

Puppies have a different nutritional need than adult husky. This best puppy food for husky dogs is enriched with calcium and phosphorus for the best support for bone development. According to the label, this dry husky food consists of 26% min. protein, min 12% fat, and 3.5% max. fiber.

The first ingredient in this food is deboned chicken, which provides various vital pup nutrients, including B vitamins. The second ingredient is chicken meal. When making meat meals, the water is removed, which creates a protein-rich powder. It is typically considered a healthy ingredient for husky foods.

Brown rice, peas, and barley are the next three ingredients on the list. Brown rice is an excellent source of calories, complex carbs, and other nutrients. Peas are an excellent source of fiber and protein as well as a variety of vitamins. ‍



Frequently Asked Questions

What can huskies not eat?
When looking for the best puppy food for husky dogs, it is best to avoid the following:

Overcooked Components-As with human food, fresh husky food is much richer than food that has been processed. When the components of dog food are cooked, high temperatures are used. These temperatures denaturalized the protein content of the food.

Rendered Fat– As with most nutrients, fat is a vital component of a dog’s diet. However, rendered fat does much more harm to your husky than good. It can be a door for microorganisms that cause various health issues, including pancreatitis and liver damage.

Artificial Preservatives– When looking at preservatives, they should be avoided if at all possible. However, if preservatives cannot be avoided, you should look for natural alternatives similar to Vitamins C and E. The chemicals used for preservatives are made from chemicals known to be toxic.

What do you feed a husky puppy?
When it comes to your husky and nutritional needs, the best puppy food for husky dogs should include distinct components. These components can vary depending on the dog’s breed, age, and other factors. However, when looking for puppy food for husky dogs, a well-balanced diet is the key. This diet should include the following:

When should I feed my husky?

After finding the best puppy food for husky dogs, it is time to decide when should your husky puppy eat. The first step is to determine the amount of puppy food for husky dogs needed each day. Once the total daily amount is selected, you should divide it into three or four equal servings.

It can be beneficial to set a feeding schedule such as at 6 am, 12 pm, and then at 5 pm. A set feeding schedule will support potty training. After your pup has finished eating, it is time to take him or her to the potty. After adjusting to the feeding schedule, your husky will use the restroom on schedule also.

How many cups of food should a husky eat?

When determining how many cups to feed your husky, breed size, and calorie content should factor into the decision. However, the back of the best puppy food for husky dog’s package has a suggested amount to feed the pup based on weight. This suggestion is an excellent starting place.

These measurements are just guidelines, so depending on your husky, they may need to be adjusted. If your dog is overeating or undereating, you can change the amount to watch your individual dog’s nutritional needs.

What’s the safest way to transition my husky to a new dog food?

Even if you have found the best puppy food for husky dogs, you may need to switch to different dog food. Some of the reasons for this switch include:

Regardless of the reason, the first step is to discuss the change with your veterinarian. Your dog can suffer from an upset stomach if you do not change food properly. The safest way to transition your dog to a new dog food is to do it gradually. This process should be completed over seven days:

It is important not to rush this process to avoid digestive upset. If you transition your pup too quickly, he or she can experience vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite.

When should I switch my husky pup to adult dog food?

At around 12 months of age, your dog is considered an adult and needs adult food. It would be best if you began to transition from the best puppy food for husky dogs to adult food to ensure the dog is getting the proper nutrients.

Some large breed dogs like huskies need to stay with puppy food a few months longer to help provide the dog’s necessary calories to grow to the full adult form. After adult food, your dog will eventually need to transition to senior dog food:

Huskies would definitely fall into the large breed of dogs and follow this schedule because their bones and muscles age quicker. When transitioning from puppy to adult to senior food, it should be done gradually. It is also vital to remember to continue to feed the correct portions to your dog.

Final Thoughts

As huskies owners, we know these dogs are an energetic, hard-working, and curious breed. These characteristics make them lovable as well as challenging. You understand that being a husky owner can be a balancing act.

If you are new to the husky world or are thinking about bringing a pup into your home, you have an incredible start to laying the perfect foundation for a healthy and happy life for your dog. You have already taken the first step of being an excellent dog parent.

When trying to choose the best puppy food for husky dogs, it can be extremely challenging. You can doubt you are making the right choice for your dog’s health. However, you now have enough information to make an informed decision about your husky dog’s diet with confidence.