Preparing for Emergencies

by Kevin Stard | Last Updated: 19.01.2021

We would highly recommend that all Husky and sled dog owners keep comprehensive emergency and first aid kits in their homes, and also in their cars or vans. You may also want to invest in a ‘pocket-sized’ first aid kit to carry with you when out walking with your Husky. Even just a couple of simple bandages can make an important difference if your Husky cuts a paw or is injured whilst out and about.

It’s also worth bearing in mind if you are exercising your Husky or sled dog using a bicycle, dog-scooter or dry-land rig that both dogs and mushers are frequently injured while out ‘on the trail’. It is especially important to always carry a basic emergency kit on such outings.

We would suggest an emergency kit should include:

We find This Type of Waist-Pack is good for carrying supplies. The pack shown in the link comes with a collapsible water bowl and water bottle, and has enough space to hold a small torch, basic fist aid supplies and a mobile phone.

Travelling with Dogs

Whenever we are out in a vehicle with our Huskies, we always make sure to have a Dog Tie Out Pin and Chain that can safely hold all the dogs we have with us. We make sure of this in case we are in a road accident. If you are travelling with dogs, it’s really important to prepare for situations where you may need to evacuate them quickly from your car or van. A crash on the motorway may seem unlikely, but if it happens the key priorities are obviously to make sure any passengers and dogs are safe, which may mean moving them away from the vehicle. Even in the event of a breakdown, you may need to take your dogs out of your car or van, and having some way to keep them safe and secure is invaluable in such a situation. We ensure to have metal chains with us, as in an emergency situation the dogs may be stressed and attempt to chew though fabric leads or ropes.

An Emergency Survival Blanket is a very useful thing to have when out and about in case a dog (or person) gets injured. We always have one in the car at all times just in case, and we keep a couple in our van when we are out with a team of Huskies.

Further Safety Precautions

We would suggest that you carry a mobile phone at all times when out and about with your Husky. Some mushers carry army-style pocket knives to use in case of emergency to cut ropes etc should a Husky get in a dangerous tangle.
If you intend to ‘work’ your Husky, a very good investment to consider is a set of Walkie Talkies . These can be used to keep in contact with others in areas where mobile phone reception is limited, as is often the case in many training areas.