Leaving Your Husky Puppy Home Alone

by Kevin Stard | Last Updated: 19.01.2021

Huskies and sled dogs tend to suffer from separation anxiety more than many other breeds. Huskies and sled dogs are pack animals and do not like to be left alone. Most Huskies will learn to settle when left alone, but may be noisy and destructive at first. This is especially the case with puppies, who will be used to the constant company of their litter-mates.

Leaving your dog or puppy in a dog crate with a chew toy such as a Kong can help to keep them occupied. You could try filling a with canned dog food. Make sure any food that you fill a Kong with will not upset your dog’s stomach. We use Chappie tinned dog food for stuffing Kongs. Mashed up tuna fish and sticky rice can also be a good option. We have a few Kongs and fill them up at the same time, then put them in the freezer. This way the food inside stays fresh, and our dogs are occupied for longer as the frozen food takes longer to get out.

You can also buy a special CDs or DVDs that play music or images to soothe your dog and make it feel as if it has company while you are out. Make sure your dog is safe inside a training crate when you leave it alone in the house, especially if you have electrical equipment in use. Alternatively, you can try simply leaving the radio or TV on for your dog, but do make sure to select a channel which shows nice soothing programs that won’t upset them.