How Much to Feed a Husky Puppy

by Kevin Stard | Last Updated: 18.10.2020

As important as feeding your husky puppy is, deciding what and how much to feed your canine pet can be quite challenging. This is because of the availability of various food brands, recipes, types, flavors, and textures that make it difficult for dog owners to choose one. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you cannot understand how much to feed a husky puppy.

How much to feed a Siberian husky puppy according to her age

Below, you will learn how much to feed a husky puppy according to her age.

Under normal circumstances, a 2-week old husky pup still relies on her mother’s milk. Although her eyes are open, she is not yet active. Therefore, she doesn’t need any puppy food.

However, you need to pay attention to your 2-week old husky puppy. If she has been losing weight or doesn’t gain weight, add some puppy formulas to the mother’s milk. You may also want to speak to your vet about it.

By the 3rd week, the eyes of the puppy should be open as she continues to view everything around her. You don’t have to give her puppy food as her mother’s milk is still sufficient at this stage.

Nonetheless, if you notice that she’s underweight or doesn’t grow like other husky puppies, adding formula to the milk can go a long way in improving her health. This can help her to start teetering, but even if she doesn’t, there is no problem.

At this stage, your pup is almost due for weaning, but you don’t have to make any hasty decisions. While she is still relying on milk from her mother, she can start taking some puppy food.

Mix ¼ puppy food with ¾ water and feed your pup lots of times every day as long as she is willing to take it. Present the portion in a neat and welcoming way to encourage your husky puppy to eat it.

Ensure your 5-week old husky pup is still partially reliant on mother’s milk while you continue to introduce formula to her diet. By this period, her interest in taking puppy more should be more than the previous week. Use the same formula you used for a 4-week old pup. However, you should only feed her about 3 to 4 times daily as she still won’t be eating much at this stage.

If she doesn’t eat the food after 20 minutes, take it away. Also, her mother will be moving away from her regularly now, so be set to wean her soon.

Your puppy should be busy and active now with more eagerness to explore the world around her. So, you need to change the mixture to ¾ puppy food and ¼ water as she becomes more interested in eating.

Although you should ensure she feeds 3 to 4 times daily, don’t force her to eat. Take advantage of this period to start weaning her as her mother doesn’t stay with her regularly again.

As she becomes busier, she will show more interest in eating puppy food. However, you should still stick to feeding her 3 or 4 times daily. Even though she may still be getting mother’s milk, it will be less frequent than ever before.

Remember that your 7-week old husky pup will be going to her new home soon, so don’t let her rely on milk again.

Now, you need to wean her and ensure she only takes puppy food. She needs 2 cups of food daily, but you should offer the food three times daily. Also, you should understand that she may not eat everything.

At this stage, your main concern should be that your puppy doesn’t fall below the ideal weight of an 8-week old husky puppy. If you need any help concerning this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your veterinarian.

Once your puppy is 9-week old, she is due for rehoming or you might have sent her to her new home already. Resultantly, she doesn’t have her mother around again and has to consume only puppy food. You should increase the daily ration to 2.5 cups, but continue feeding her 3 to 4 times daily. If she doesn’t eat it, take the food away.

The initial breeder needs to tell the new family the puppy food she has been taking previously. However, you can still introduce new food to her, but it should be done gradually. This is to ensure that her digestive system is not disrupted.

Feeding shouldn’t be an issue for your pup now. However, you should stick to the same feeding formula you have been using earlier. Consider dividing 2.5 cups of puppy feed into three equal portions to guarantee balanced nutrition.

Have a feeding schedule for her so that she can expect food at some particular periods of each day. This will make the feeding process easier and more convenient for you. As much as you should promote a good feeding habit, don’t force her to eat when she doesn’t want to.

As your pup grows older, she will become more mischievous. Don’t be surprised if you see her eating anything she sees, but you need to discourage such a bad habit as it can be harmful. Take all toxic items away from her. She is at her growth stage; therefore, you need to continue feeding her regularly.

In addition, you should focus on her weight. Make sure she is neither underweight nor overweight.

Being busy and active can make your puppy eat lots of foods at this stage. However, you don’t have to increase the puppy food; just ensure consistency. Besides, she may start teething; hence, her appetite may reduce.

From this moment onward, you have to use the same feeding schedule until she is one-year-old.

Having described how much to feed a husky puppy, it is equally essential to highlight what to feed a Siberian husky puppy. Generally, you should give her lots of raw food like vegetables, chicken, fruits, lamb, and beef. Commercial dry and wet foods are also recommended.

With this article, you now know how much you need to feed your husky puppy.