Hints and Tips for Dog-Friendly Gardens

by Kevin Stard | Last Updated: 19.01.2021

Hanging baskets are a good way to increase color in the garden, and can be hung safely out of the reach of your dog.

Pots and containers provide more protection for plants than flower beds, where they might be trampled under foot.

Be aware of overhanging trees from neighbor’s gardens or the street which may drop hazardous nuts or fruit into your garden.

You can buy products such as the Pee Post Toilet Training Post for Dogs to encourage your dog to pee in one particular area of the garden, which helps avoid lawn scorching as well as improving hygiene.

‘Poop Scoops’ such as the Company of Animals Arms Length Dog Poop a Scoop Pet are handy for picking up waste around the garden. Long-handled types prevent you having to bend down to pick up after your dog.

‘Dog Loos’ such as the Armitage Clean Green Dog Loo are a good, environmentally sound method of disposing of dog poo – you dig a hole in a corner of your garden and sink the container into the ground. You then just put the dog poo straight into the ‘loo’ and once a week squirt in a little bit of the liquid that comes with it. The liquid breaks down the waste and it drains away into the ground below. These ‘loos’ usually come with a scoop for picking up waste.