Hazards in the Home

by Kevin Stard | Last Updated: 19.01.2021

Things to be aware of that may cause harm to your Husky or Sled Dog:

Toxic Foods

  • Chocolate, Onions, Nuts, Grapes… lots of common foods can be harmful to your dog’s health (see our Foods to Avoid page for more info)
  • Make sure that any such items are kept WELL OUT OF REACH
  • Make sure your family and friends are aware of what NOT to feed your Husky

Accessible Cupboards and Drawers

  • Kitchen cupboards and drawers are a favorite. Huskies may find and eat poisonous foods such as onions, or find cleaning products and other harmful chemicals
  • ‘Counter-surfing’ is another favorite activity – Huskies love to get up on kitchen work tops and tables for a good nose around. This is also a great way for them to get access to kitchen windows that may have been left ajar!
  • ‘Child-proof’ catches for cupboards and drawers should be enough to keep MOST Huskies out!
  • We have Pet Gates across our kitchen and bathroom doorways to help keep our Huskies out of areas with lots of hazards (although we wouldn’t trust them not to jump over these when we are not around – all the doors have locks too!)

Open Windows

  • Huskies can jump through open windows while your back is turned for 2 seconds – ANY windows in your house left open are a way out
  • Kitchen windows are a favorite escape route, and a Husky will jump on to a work surface and easily squeeze out of a kitchen window that is only open a couple of inches!

House Plants

Many house plants are toxic to dogs.

  • Check reference books or online to make sure any plants within reach are non-toxic
  • The website Dogs In The Garden has a list of toxic and non-toxic houseplants, as well as lots of other useful information on dog safety in the home and garden
  • Better still – make sure that all of your house plants are up high and out of reach of your Husky
  • Remember to watch out for fallen leaves, flowers, and berries on that your Husky may pick up