Feeding and Exercise

by Kevin Stard | Last Updated: 19.01.2021

Feeding and ExerciseFeeding your Husky or sled dog too soon before or after exercise is to be avoided. It can not only be uncomfortable for your Husky to exercise on a full stomach, but feeding too close to physical exertion has been linked to one of the most serious and life-threatening medical emergencies sled dogs can incur; ‘bloat’ or gastric torsion.

It’s recommended that you wait AT LEAST 30 minutes (longer if at all possible) after exercise before feeding. This gives the dog’s body a chance to settle down and cool off before having to deal with the digestive process. You should also wait AT LEAST 2 hours after a meal before you exercise your Husky or sled dog, longer if possible, especially if you are exercising the dog vigorously (i.e. if you are ‘working’ your Husky on a rig or scooter).