Exercise for Husky and Sled Dog Puppies

by Kevin Stard | Last Updated: 19.01.2021

Exercise for Husky and Sled Dog PuppiesPuppies need very little walking while they are still young and their bones are growing. Puppies will usually wear themselves out running around the house and garden, and so exercise is not too much of an issue at a young age. The main things to make sure of are that your puppy enjoys a wide range of social and sensory experiences while it is young; Puppies need to meet other dogs and start exploring the world!

Once your puppy has had its injections and has the all-clear to go out and about, you should take it to the park or to the beach and let it meet and play with other dogs. Again, don’t try and walk your puppy too far, and do be careful not to walk your puppy on hard surfaces. Impact injuries from too much exercise on concrete at a young age may lead to problems with bones and joints later on in your dog’s life.