Best collar for husky

by Kevin Stard | Last Updated: 19.01.2021

Huskies and sled dogs instinctively pull when out and about. Although patient, positive training methods can persuade them to subdue the instinct somewhat, the sight of a rabbit, cat, squirrel, seagull, other dogs or anything else that interests them will probably have them straining at the lead. To walk your Husky you will need a good strong leash that optimizes control.

A good tip if walking more than one Husky is to have a different colour lead for each dog. This way you can identify the lead easily if they get tangled up.

Leads for Huskies and Sled Dogs

We often buy the leads made by Spiffy Dog . for our own Huskies. They make a wide range of really strong, durable leads that can be shortened to give you more control when you need it – for instance when walking at a roadside or through a crowd of people.

Basic ‘police training’ type leads are a good idea as they have clips ideal for clipping to walking belts. Police training leads can be shortened easily in order to give more control and keep your dog close by. Ladder leads also serve the same purpose as police training leads. Both kinds are available in various widths and colours.

You might want to try and find a lead with a little bit of ‘give’ in it to absorb shock and try and minimize stress on the dogs neck when walking in a collar. Shock absorbing leads are good for this. Dogs inclined to pull on the lead, and bounce around as sled dogs do, benefit from the shock absorbing design of these lead. The need for this recognized in tug lines used in racing that all have bungee attachments to protect the dog’s neck and spine.

Although we know many owners use them successfully, we would not personally recommend using flexi-lead for Huskies and sled dogs. If you want to give your Husky a longer reign, there are some extra long dog leads designed for this. Equestrian ropes with brass clips are also available in much longer lengths.

You can buy longer extra long dog leads designed for this. Equestrian ropes with brass clips are also available in much longer lengths. You can buy lunge leashes from many pet suppliers. These give dogs such as Huskies a lot more freedom while still keeping them on-lead. They are great for trips to the beach, as you can stay dry and still let your Husky have a swim.

Collars for Huskies and Sled Dogs

Rogz For Dogz collars are pretty popular among Husky and Sled Dog owners. They have large metal clip rings that are easy to grab hold of if your dog is goofing around. We Buy the ‘Beach Bum’ collars for our dogs – we find that MEDIUM collars suit our adult Siberians; our Malamute owning friends get large sized ones for their adult mallies. They come in a load of different colours and designs and we’ve found them to be pretty durable. The ‘Rogz’ leads are pretty good too. Rogz Armed Response collars have a quick release function for extra safety, but are very durable and have (so far) stood up to our Huskies pulling in the lead. Wag N Walkleads and collars are a similar design; also nice and colourful, and perhaps a little less costly.
The Spiffy Collars are strong and come in a wide range of designs and also have large metal clip rings – we also like their leads and other accessories.
Walking Belts for Huskies and Sled Dogs

As many owners come to find, it is much easier to walk a Husky or sled dog with the lead attached to a belt around your waist than one that you hold in your hand As Huskies are not ‘off lead’ dogs, as a Husky owner you will spend much time walking your Husky to give it the exercise it requires.

Given their general tendency to pull on the lead, walking belts can significantly increase your comfort whilst out and about, as the strain is taken off your arms and focused on your hips. This allows for better balance and resistance against sudden tugs on the lead when your Husky gets excited over something up ahead (we’re not going to pretend that any of our own Huskies are perfectly trained never to pull on the lead). You can still use your hands for extra control on the leash, and draw the dog closer to you at roadsides etc, but walking belts mean that, where the paths are suitable, you can rely on the belt to hold the dog and keep your hands and arms free.

Walking and Jogging Dog Leads are available through Amazon or specialist pet suppliers. Make sure the one you buy is strong enough to hold your Husky at its most excitable – they can pull very hard when they see a squirrel up ahead.

Backpacks and other Dog Walking Accessories

Dog Activity Rucksacks with built-in ‘walking belts’ are available, and are handy for longer walks and hikes when you need to carry supplies with you.

Collapsible Travel Food and Water Bowls are always handy to have, and fold down small enough to stash in a small bag and carry with you on a walk.