Are Huskies Good with Kids?

by Kevin Stard | Last Updated: 18.09.2020

Are Huskies Good with KidsWhen acquiring new dogs, one of the most essential things that parents must consider is whether the dogs are good around kids or not. This is the best way to ensure that there is no problem with raising the kids along with the canines.

Given this fact, you may be asking this important question – are Siberian huskies good with kids?  Without mincing words, huskies are well-mannered and friendly dogs that are known to have exceptional and likable personalities. These playful canines are intelligent and can understand the differences in the needs of people. As a result of this, they tend to be good around everyone, including kids. Factually, they can be great playmates for your children.

Temperament of husky

One of the most obvious reasons why huskies are good with kids is their even temperament. Unlike some other dog breeds whose temperaments often fluctuate, huskies have even temperament. Therefore, they are not volatile and don’t switch moods. Huskies are not only loving, but they are also known to be great friends with kids.

You don’t have to bother about them barking at your kids or visitors’ kids. Since they are also adaptable to different conditions, they can get along with your kids in various scenarios.

Also, huskies are very active and busy because of their extreme energy levels. Therefore, when it comes to playing in the house, garden, parks, or other places, they are always capable of matching the energy levels of the little ones. You can train your huskies to hike, walk, play sports, Frisbee or tug of war, create crafts, or even swim with your children.

Raising huskies with your little ones

If you are planning to raise huskies along with your little ones, you need to note the essence of respect. Both parties must realize what it takes to live around each other with respect. In other words, the huskies should behave well around the children while the kids must also respect the dogs.

The dog should learn to play around children without jumping, nipping, or biting. The children, on the other hand, should not grab, pull, or tug with the dogs. By following these basic rules, both parties can play and live together without having any issues.

Always watch when they are playing

Although huskies are good with kids, you must be cautious and watchful when these canines and kids are playing together. In general, huskies are fond of using their mouth to nip as they continue playing with anyone. Unfortunately, their teeth are often quite sharp; hence, they can be harmful to the little ones during their playtimes. Consequently, you should keep an eye on your children as they play with your canine pet. This is the only way to guarantee that all parties remain safe and healthy throughout the playtime.

In conclusion, Siberian huskies are undoubtedly good with kids as they are intelligent to identify the vulnerability of the little ones. However, as parents, you can never be too careful to watch out for kids when they are around huskies.