Huskies in Need was started in June 2010 to cover the gap in the rescue world for Husky cross breeds. There were generic dog rescues who didn’t have the knowledge to deal with Huskies and there were also Husky specific rescues who didn’t take in cross breeds, with the growing trend of buying these dogs as status dogs the problem of unwanted Husky crosses was growing rapidly.

We take dogs in from the council pounds, homes and other rescues. We also often take in dogs from back yard breeders who are no longer making enough money selling the puppies, often the only reason we are contacted by these people is because it costs them money to have the dogs put to sleep.

We also help with advice and training where we can. We would much rather an owner keep hold of their dog and work through any issues they have with them, than just rehome them to us or otherwise try to sell them. Helping out with behaviour issues and training is something we will gladly do for Husky dog owners, just contact us.

We became a registered Scottish charity in July 2011 and a registered Charity for England and Wales in April 2013.